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Added 11/30/2018 by Carol W

If I had a quarter for every time my children asked to me to read Elvis, I'd have a jar of money my now. This is such a fun book that it's a pleasure to share it over and over.

Added 09/10/2018 by Brittany A

We finished reading our new copy of Elvis last night and the kids loved it! One son said his favorite characters were Rocko and Socko, another liked Elvis, and mine was Purcilla. Thank you so much for providing something our entire family can enjoy together. Please keep writing!

Added 08/28/2018 by Susan A

Cute Cute Cute! Love this book.

Added 08/08/2018 by Tina L

My kids have absolutely fallen in love with Elvis! Great characters and beautiful illustrations that bring the story to life.

Added 08/01/2018 by Brenda R

Love the new addition and compliment the way illustrations bring this book to life. The characters come together and glue readers to the story. Very nicely done!

Added 07/30/2018 by John F

My son, who is seven, truly enjoyed each story that belongs to the Blackberry Tails series. I lived in the country for most of his younger years, and he could relate to a lot of things contained in each story. We even used to go pick wild blackberries and make blackberry cobbler and jam. He wants a dog too. His favorite story was Raisin's Odyssey. I like how the stories teach gentle lessons about nature. Thanks for creating these! The illustrations are also wonderful!

Added 07/26/2018 by Jessica B

Elvis' Dream, was a wonderful Adventure. The story is adventurous, and fun. The pictures were wonderful! Very,very colorful. Vivi's favorite characters are Rocko, and Socko the bully Blue Jays. Moe, our cat even likes to hear the story of Elvis! We love our Blackberry Tails books. Keep them coming, C.W. Shumate!

Added 07/21/2018 by Judy O

Thanks for the new book. One of the best yet! I know the grand kids will love it too, and they actually have a dog named Elvis. Much success, and keep them coming.

Added 07/18/2018 by Laura T

Like your previous books, this one is beautifully illustrated and the story is lots of fun. My kids love Nuts the squirrel, and cheered for Elvis as he made his circus introduction.

Added 07/16/2018 by Erin A

Just received the new book and my kids are anxiously waiting to meet Elvis. Thumbed through the pages and love the pictures. Thanks for continuing to provide quality entertainment for our family.

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