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Added 02/13/2019 by Sandie W

Our kids love these stories. We purchased Gram's Journey a while ago and have since bought the others. We read them over and over and I want to compliment how well the books are physically holding up.

Added 01/08/2019 by Theresa J

I had no idea Gram was a true rescue until the very end. No wonder this book is near and dear to my heart!

Added 11/27/2018 by Tammy B

Purchased a copy of Gram's Journey at a Halloween book signing event and read it to my granddaughter the following weekend. What a sweet story filled with lots of beautiful pictures. I highly recommend this book!

Added 10/20/2018 by Ashley S

What a sweet story! I know the family and have met Gram in person, so I just had to purchase a book for my kids. They love the characters and it's fun watching them read together.

Added 09/11/2018 by Ashley K

Sweet book series and even sweeter people!

Added 08/10/2018 by Sherry T

I met Gram in person at a recent book expo and he's a star! Enjoyed reading the book with my kids but enjoying it even more after learning Gram is real.

Added 06/19/2018 by Maria H

Gram brings smiles to our entire household. He is filled with such innocence that I love sharing his story over and over with our kids. It's enjoyable hearing them laugh out loud at Stubbs and his snarky little attitude. Thanks for making our family bedtime a wholesome experience. You have a friend in Alabama!

Added 05/18/2018 by Donna E

Gram's Journey is a wonderful addition to our nightly routine. I read a chapter to my kids each night at bedtime, and it's a joy watching their reactions. I feel like I know Gram in person!

Added 05/01/2018 by Carolyn C

Purchased Gram at a recent art walk and shared it with our grandchildren. They loved it and talked nonstop about Stubbs the mouse. Beautiful photos and a heartwarming story. I am ordering next book.

Added 04/02/2018 by REBECCA T

My daughter met Mr. Shumate at a recent meet the author reading event at school. She purchased a copy of Gram's Journey and was thrilled when he offered to personalize it. She has shown her special book to everyone in the family and I am pleased to see her renewed interest in reading.

Added 02/12/2018 by Selma T

Gram has a sense of innocence that keeps me reading the story to my kids over and over. I also like references to Kentucky since I'm from there.

Added 01/13/2018 by Julia R

Thank you for writing such wonderful books! My daughter loves them both.

Added 01/10/2018 by Michelle C

Purchased both books on your website (which was easy to use) and wrapped them as Christmas gifts. I've since read Raisin and Gram at least a dozen times, and our kids love them! Thanks for such sweet stories complimented by beautiful pictures that help the characters seem real. PS: We love Stubbs, and encourage you to include him in future books.

Added 12/22/2017 by Kaisley T

Recently met the real Gram in person, and must say he carries himself like a celebrity! My kids love his book too!

Added 12/09/2017 by Marti W

What a darling storybook! And the illustrations are beautiful. My two great nieces are thrilled to to have an autographed copy and they love the book. Congratulations, and I'll watch for your next story.

Added 12/08/2017 by Diane P

I bought your book and read it to my grandson as his bedtime story. He loved it!! You are a hit!!

Added 11/13/2017 by Serena J

My kids have fallen in love with Gram and his sparky little friend Stubbs. I overhear them reciting lines from the book which brings a smile. Thanks for touching my family in a positive way.

Added 10/03/2017 by Kimberly C

Gram's Journey is such a sweet book. My little ones loved Gram, and laughed nonstop at Stubbs. In fact, one of the grand kids now has a new nickname. The others call him Stubbs when he's being difficult. Thank you for sharing a true children's story.

Added 09/27/2017 by Marie Y

Met the author and artist at a recent festival, bought a book, and frankly forgot about it until a recent grandchildren visit. Read the entire story cover to cover and the kids clung to every word. Thanks for providing an old fashioned way of spending family time together.

Added 08/22/2017 by Tonya G

We've read your book dozens of times, and it continues to entertain. Thanks for sharing your imagination with my family.

Added 08/14/2017 by Allie J

This book has been such a joy for our family. My son now says he wants a puppy just like Gram.

Added 06/30/2017 by Janice w

Met the author and purchased an autographed copy for daughter at a recent book festival. Took it home and thumbed through the pages, not really expecting it to reach out the way it did. Sat down on the couch alone and read it cover to cover. Something about the story felt familiar, and the illustrations brought it to life. Read it to my daughter at bedtime, and it's become her favorite. I'm not sure how you did it, but I feel like I took every step on Gram's Journey, and loved it!

Added 06/30/2017 by Marie c

Spoiler Alert...Love Gram, love the characters, especially Stubbs, love the encounter with Kaylyn. Great story, my kids have enjoyed it over and over!

Added 06/20/2017 by Susan F

Reading Gram's Journey to my grandchildren allowed an opportunity to relive pleasant experiences from my youth. Our family farm in Kentucky was bordered by Hinkston Creek, so you can imagine my surprise learning Gram stops for a drink in the same creek I played in as a child. It is a joy sharing this story, and I believe it to be richly illustrated as any children's book I've seen.

Added 05/25/2017 by Gwen W

I met Mr. Shumate at a recent event and understand Gram is really a family member. I love this book cover to cover.

Added 05/12/2017 by Melissa C

I like holding a physical book and want my kids to as well. Thank you for wanting the same .

Added 03/05/2017 by Tiffany J

Met Mr. Shumate at a festival and asked him to sign a book I purchased last year. He autographed it right there on the hood of my Jeep!

Added 02/11/2017 by Kathy D

Love the pictures!

Added 01/25/2017 by Pearl K

Purchased a copy for my grandson's birthday and you were kind enough to personalize it. He was so excited to see his name and loved the book. Thank you for taking time to show you care.

Added 01/17/2017 by Miranda H

Bought your book and write to compliment your speedy shipping. Thanks for making my purchase so pleasant.

Added 01/11/2017 by Anna P

Bought a Claw ornament for my son. He loved it.

Added 01/08/2017 by Susan B

Grew up in Kentucky and love reading about it to my grandchildren.

Added 01/08/2017 by Millie J

I grew up in Kentucky and love sharing part of my heritage with grandchildren through this book. Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

Added 01/04/2017 by Virginia D

Beautiful book! The pictures compliment the story perfectly.

Added 01/01/2017 by Candice S

My kids stayed glued to every word.

Added 12/21/2016 by Anne H

This is a really good book. Thanks for putting fun back into reading to my grand kids. PS: I love the illustrations too.

Added 12/18/2016 by Cynthia B

As a retired elementary school teacher I've read my share of books, and this is a really good one!

Added 12/16/2016 by Kimberly C

Not sure why it's called a children's book. This grown adult loved it!

Added 12/12/2016 by Marcy D

Can't wait for a follow up!

Added 12/12/2016 by Rebecca R

Our kids absolutely love this book.

Added 12/03/2016 by Anna C

I bought this book to read to the grand kids and have quickly learned it's a joy to share. Thanks for a cheerful story.

Added 11/27/2016 by Megan J

What a neat book! Love the Kentucky connection and the photos are beautifully created.

Added 11/06/2016 by Sandy H

Once a Kentuckian, always a Kentuckian! Even though my family moved away many years ago, I'm enjoying the opportunity to share this Kentucky treasure with the grand kids. Thank you for rekindling lots of fond memories.

Added 11/04/2016 by Crosby T

Great book, love the pictures.

Added 10/27/2016 by Dolly W

Bought your book at a KY State Park gift shop and love it.

Added 10/10/2016 by Donna Z

Love the pictures and the story. Gram has become a hit at our house.

Added 10/02/2016 by Rhonda T

My nieces were thrilled to receive a copy signed by Mr. Shumate. Thanks for making it a special experience.

Added 09/19/2016 by Sammi J

Enjoyed meeting you at Artwalk in Paris, KY and pleased to purchase a copy personalized by both the author and artist.

Added 09/16/2016 by Tammi J

Recently bought your book at a craft fair and my kids love it. Thanks for bringing a piece of Kentucky into our home.

Added 09/14/2016 by Lora D

Love this book

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